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We need to learn to listen to others so that we discover the value of true communication and exchange, and to see both sides of a situation instead of throwing out dogma at others.

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North Node in Gemini is your life purpose and soul mission, according to karmic astrology. Gemini symbolizes the EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, ATTITUDES and. If you have a Gemini north node or a Sagittarius north node, your life path could involve writing, teaching, Read more North Node astrology signs >.

We want to have meaningful and intelligent exchanges with others, and we want to teach others as well. But in order for us to succeed with these things, we need to learn that true learning and exchanges can only come when we listen to others.

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Cafe Astrology Review: This is an invaluable work, both for those new to Astrology and advanced students of the subject. The positions of the Nodes of the Moon by sign are interpreted in detail.

North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, by House

The approach is both spiritual and practical. Jan Spiller offers advice for how to best work with the individual issues we face as a result of the placement of the highly sensitive nodal axis of the Moon.

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These characteristics and behaviours bring you a sense of comfort, familiarity and belonging. The sign and house of the North Node represent circumstances and activities that usually feel unfamiliar. Capricorn North Node: On a path to learning self-discipline, controlling their world and destiny, and self-authority. If your original North Node is in 12 degrees Leo - 17 degrees Leo… You may be having a bit too much ease in using your draconic planets, almost to the point where they can seem to dominate your natal ones. Consider the following: join together with other individuals who share the same common goals.

Move away from codependent patterning, or relying heavily on others for satisfaction or approval. Focus less on inappropriate intensity or spending too much time in crisis mode.

Gemini-Sagittarius Moon Nodes in the Birth Chart

Avoid places that activate self-righteousness or big picture thinking without openness to new ideas. Focus as much as possible on giving up patterns of stoicism or overworking especially during this next year and a half phase of your nodal return. Rely less on tendencies towards confusion or escapism as a way of disassociating. Leave behind inclinations of impulsiveness or self-centeredness that focus too much on individual identity. Become less dependent on seeking more information or having to always say the right thing.

Your North Node in Gemini

To start, let's take a look at some keywords. These words describe the polarity between these two opposing signs and can offer you a glimpse of the soul journey that the individual with this nodal position is on.

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Just remember that the south node represents old patterns of being - patterns that have accumulated over lifetimes that now need to be acknowledged and released. The north node, on the other hand, represents the soul's potential - the direction of the future Here are some Sagittarius Sign South Node behavioral patterns -- patters that the individual must part with if he is to live an emotionally rich life:.

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Here are some Gemini Sign North Node behavioral patterns that the individual might find foreign at first, but ones that he needs to aspire to if he is to connect to his true potential and the existence his soul both needs and desires:. The journey from a Sagittarius sign south node to a Gemini north node is not an easy one.

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But the promise it holds for the individual willing to step up to the challenge is equally great. The Gemini sign north node reveals a soul that has spent many incarnations as a wild, self-righteous, and unrestricted entity; traveling the physical and spiritual plains on its own terms. As a result, this individual is still attracted to a natural existence and will go far out of his way to escape responsibility.

To the Gemini sign north node individual, responsibility represents restriction and restriction is synonymous with death. To avoid that imagined predicament, he rushes around trying to finish his chores as quickly as possible thinking that once he's done, he will be free to do as he pleases. Unfortunately, what he fails to realize is that this constant activity and lack of focus only strengthens the chains that he is so desperately trying to escape.

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This individual enters this life innocently primitive and selfish, unable to relate to others and lacking the social graces needed for him to fit in.